Lhok Nga is a great beach for picnicking. Ujung Bate is a black sand beach nice for walking and collecting seashells. For swimming the best is the exquisite white sand beach at Lampu'uk. Remember to dress appropriately, local women swim fully clothed.

Weh boasts a wide variety of beaches waiting to be explored by visitor. Kasih Beach (Love Beach) is the nearest beach to the town of Sabang. About 2 km to the southwest lays a rocky beach with over hanging palm trees stretching the length of the peninsula. Along this northern peninsula we will find World War II gun emplacements. Some have decayed while others have remained intact. Following the coast two kilometers further will lead us to Tapak Gajah Beach (Elephant Step Beach). If we go on, we will reach Sumur Tiga Beach (Three Well Beach). This is generally considered to be Weh's most beautiful beach. Its soft white sand and crystal clear water make it an ideal place to swim and snorkel.

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