Kerkoff Peucut

History records that the Netherlands had a bitter experience in the past when they wanted to conquer the Acehnese. The historical evidence that we can still see today is the Dutch military cemetery complex in Banda Aceh.

Kerkoff Peucut is a Dutch soldier graves who died in Aceh War. This cemetery is widely spread in Indonesia, one of them is located in the city of Banda Aceh, and it becomes an interesting attraction for foreigners (especially tourists from the Netherlands).

At this cemetry, had buried approximately 2,000 Dutch soldiers, including soldiers of Javanese, Batak, Ambon, Madura and some other soldiers who were thr members of the Armed Forces of the Dutch East Indies. the grave is still treated well. Up to now, the Government of the Netherlands was very touched and respect to Banda Aceh residents who treat the graves well. It hard to believe for a nation that colonized takes care of the graves of the occupier.

Kerkhoff is a Dutch military cemetery that located outside the Netherland and it is the largest in the world. In the history of the Netherlands, the Aceh War was the most bitter war that exceed their bitter experience during the Napoleonic Wars.

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