Gapang Beach in Weh Island, Aceh Province - Indonesia

Weh Island is one of the best tourist spots in Aceh Province and it has attracted various types of tourists including foreigners. The reason is that the island offers many options of places for relaxing and conducting an adventure. For instance, there is Gapang Beach. Despite the secluded location, the beach is considered crowded as lots of visitors keep coming every day. The location is in Iboih Village and it belongs to Sukakarya Sub-District, Sabang City of Indonesia. People love the beach due to its pristine beauty and they consider it as a recommended place for photography and spending a vacation with families.

The Nuance
The beach connects to an open sea directly so it offers a more astonishing sea view as compared to its sibling (Iboih Beach). Not to mention it has a longer shoreline than others. However, Gapang shares similar characteristics such as crystal clear water, white sand, dense trees, and breezing wind. Sometimes, some traditional boats reside in the beach and create a unique atmosphere there. The fact is that tourists can ride the boat after getting the permission from the owner. As an alternative, they can simply take pictures of them.

Exploring Gapang Beach
The most common thing to do in Gapang Beach is beach walking. Thanks to the soft texture of the sand. Everyone won’t feel a thing even though they walk on it barefoot. Due to such comfort, some tourists are likely to lounging on the sand while enjoying the breeze of the wind! This would feel perfect if it is done either in the morning or afternoon, actually. Moreover, visitors have the chance to witness beautiful sunset and sunrise at those times.

What is next? People can simply approach local fishermen and ask whether they are allowed to ride the boat or not. The lucky ones would get it freely, so make sure to talk to them nicely. For those who do not like the activity, an alternative is available, which is photography. Many beautiful objects reside in Gapang Beach and all of them are worth a photo shoot. Even the calm nuance of the sea may hypnotize everyone and it becomes a perfect background of selfies, too. Therefore, make sure to carry a camera when visiting the beach.

Another fun thing to do in Gapang Beach is to approach the pier. Tourists are allowed to explore it and view a better view of the sea, including the coral reefs. From the pier, the fishes are seen clearly as well. After exploring the entire part of the beach, tourists should visit nearby bungalows and spend some time for resting there. There is even a diving resort where they can rent the gear to do such activity. Enjoy.

Nearby Attractions

  • Rubiah Tirta Divers
  • Sumur Tiga Beach
  • Iboih Beach
  • Japanese Fort

How to Get There
From Banda Aceh City, you only need to head to the local port (Balohan Port) and take either a ferry or speedboat. The second option is faster, but it costs more money. The fastest trip takes about 2 hours, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Weh Paradise
  • Kenangan Guest House
  • Pade Resort
  • Pele’s Place 

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