Tingkat 4 Waterfall in Simpang Mamplam Sub-District, Aceh Province - Indonesia

For those who love nature tourism, visiting Tingkat 4 Waterfall is a good idea. The location is in Gampong Ie Rhop Village, Aceh Province. Actually, it belongs to Simpang Mamplam Sub-District and it is the part of Bireuen Regency. Despite the secluded location, the waterfall offers a mesmerizing atmosphere and pristine nature. Some locals also consider it equal to Blang Kulam Waterfall of North Aceh.  These days, it becomes more popular among tourists, especially those who want to enjoy the nature and relieve their life burdens at once. Some people even say the waterfall helps them to get a better health by spending an hour or two in such fresh nature!

The Nuance
As the name suggests, Tingkat 4 Waterfall means 4-leveled waterfall, so tourists might find not only 1 but 4 falls there. Not to mention they can climb it and reach the top of the waterfall easily. The flow of the water is not quite strong and it soothes everyone who approaches the waterfall. In some parts of the site, many big rocks and stones scatter beautifully and look so majestic. Be careful, though. They are quite slippery, especially during rainy season. Another important feature is the formation of bushes and trees that surround the site.

Exploring Tingkat 4 Waterfall
One of the reasons in visiting Tingkat 4 Waterfall is a satisfying trip that features lush nature and fresh air. It is because tourists may find trees and other natural attractions along the way to the site. Once they arrive at Gampong Ie Rhop Village, they can start trekking to reach the waterfall. This is definitely fun and challenging, as they can explore the nature either alone or with friends. Make sure to wear proper gear and carry ample supplies, though.

The next thing to do in Tingkat 4 Waterfall is climbing the falls. Have no worries. It is not as high as you think. What you need to pay attention is the footwear you are wearing. Make sure they have a good grip, so you can avoid slipping. From the top of the falls, the views are even better and it gives you an opportunity to take some pictures using a camera. Thus, never forget to carry a camera when visiting the waterfall.

Another recommended activity to do in Tingkat 4 Waterfall is relaxation. Thanks to the pristine nature. People are likely to spend an hour or more doing nothing in the site. That means they simply sit, watch the flow of water, and enjoy the sound of it for hours. Somehow, this helps them to relieve stresses and find peace during holidays.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The distance between Banda Aceh City and Smpang Mamplam Sub-District is 197 km and it takes about 4 – 5 hours to get there. The best route to take is Lintas Timur Street and Banda Aceh Street, actually. Once you reach Ie Rhop Village, it takes some walking for several minutes in order to approach the waterfall.

Where to Stay

  • Ananda Homestay
  • Ayu Pidie Jaya Homestay
  • Kuala Meureudu Inn

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