Lamreh Village in Masjid Raya Sub-District, Aceh Besar Regency - Indonesia

Visiting a beautiful province like Aceh should be a primary option for the next holiday. The reason is that the province offers many tourist attractions including Lamreh Village. The location is in Masjid Raya Sub-District and it belongs to Aceh Besar Province, Indonesia. Why does it become a good destination to spend a vacation, though? Some tourists say they are impressed with its landscape and numerous historical sites. No wonder, people keep coming to enjoy some activities like photography, adventure, relaxation, sightseeing, and much more. Another reason is that tourists can learn history there.

The Nuance
The size of the village is approximately 300 hectares and it consists of hilly landscapes and numerous sizes of karsts. Perhaps the best features of the village are Kuta Lubhok and Malahayati Fort. Not only it features historical sites, tourists can find beautiful scenery of the sea and lush trees. In the horizon, they might see mountains and stunning clouds as well. When it comes to the atmosphere, it feels so refreshing, especially in the morning. The only disappointment is related to the route, which is uncomfortable and challenging. This makes tourists should be careful when exploring Lamreh.

Exploring Lamreh Village
Photography is the most popular activity there due to the presence of the majestic hill. However, it takes an effort to get to the best spot to take pictures or selfies. Tourists should pass through a hilly area surrounded by an open sea. That site is called Kelindu Lamreh Hill and it takes about 30 minutes in order to reach the location (by motorcycle). For those who come by foot, it takes about 1 hour or more to get there. Have no worries. The effort is definitely worth it, as tourists get the best views of nature, especially for photography.

The next charm is the view of a white sandy island located in the middle of the sea. Dense trees grow on it, making it looks mesmerizing from afar. The fact is that tourists can get to the island, tourists can either go by boat or swimming! What is next? After enjoying such majestic views of nature, it is time to enjoy the history. People in Aceh have their own version regarding Malin Kundang Story. The hill features Batee Kapai (the wreck of a giant ship), which is believed as the part of Malin Kundang Story). In order to learn the history, tourists can ask the locals or get information from a tour guide.

The next fun thing to do is to explore the village. As mentioned before, it features many historical sites and structures (especially ancient forts). Make sure not to spoil the environment when exploring those places, though. As for the tip, it is better to come with a tour guide as he can show the best route to visit those sites.

Nearby Attractions
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•   The Ship House
•   Blang Padang

How to Get There
From Banda Aceh City, tourists only need to spend about 50 minutes to reach Masjid Raya Sub-District. The distance between them is 32 km, after all. When it comes to the best route, tourists can take Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport Street.

Where to Stay

  • Diana Hotel
  • Hermes Palace Hotel
  • Prapat Hotel
  • Hijrah Hotel

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