Tirta Samudra Beach in Jepara Regency, Central Java Province

When talking about tourism in Jepara Regency, the majority of people may recall the famous Karimunjawa Archipelago. Well, they would be surprised once they get around the region and find lots of majestic beaches like Tirta Samudra. Another name is Bandengan Beach, actually. As the name suggests, the beach resides in Bandengan Village. The popularity increases over time due to the crystal clear seawater and white sandy shoreline! Thus, visitors may enjoy such tropical sea scenery while spending a good time with their families. Some people also take advantage of the nearby accommodations to spend a night or two on the beach!

The Nuance
As mentioned earlier, Bandengan Beach has an exotic white sandy shoreline. The sea looks stunning due to the clarity, but it has big waves. On the horizon, tourists can see Panjang Island which they should visit later. In the back, many big trees grow abundantly. This helps tourists to find a perfect location to relax and avoid the heat of the sun, therefore. Plus, the site offers several facilities and accommodations like toilets, rest areas, food vendors, and rental services where tourists can get swimming and snorkeling equipment.

Exploring Tirta Samudra Beach
Tirta Samudra or Bandengan Beach has become one of the most favorite tourist sites in Jepara Regency. The first reason is that the location is near the downtown. Next, it features an exotic white sandy shoreline where tourists can enjoy beach walking comfortably. They don’t even need to wear any footwear while exploring the shoreline! The next satisfying allure is that the beach has a beautiful panorama. Moreover, the environment is quite clean and neat. One thing, tourists need to spend some money in order to get in the area.

Paying an entrance fee is not an issue. In fact, it becomes a worthy expense as tourists are able to spend a wonderful recreation on the site. Another reason is that the beach has several fun facilities like Jet Ski and banana boats. Tourists should pay an extra fee in order to ride them, though. As an alternative, people should come in the afternoon during dusk. The purpose is to watch the stunning sunset. That moment gives an opportunity to conduct photography, too.

What is more? Visitors can do many other things in Tirta Samudra Beach. Most of the time, people come to the location for joining a kite festival, going camping, sports, and relaxation. Tourists can even rent a bike and get around the beach to their heart’s content. On a special occasion, the beach also becomes a place for a social gathering including the famous off-road event called the Jepara Adventure.

Nearby Attractions

  • Jepara Ourland Park

How to Get There
Before getting to Tirta Samudra Beach, tourists need to visit Jepara Regency first. If they come from Semarang City, the trip takes around 2 hours and 12 minutes. They should take Kudus – Semarang Street, for a faster trip though. From Jepara, their next destination is Bandengan Village where the beach resides. The distance is 6 km, so the trip only takes about 11 minutes!

Where to Stay

  • The Palm Beach Resort
  • D’season Hotel
  • Bandengan Beach Hotel
  • Alfa Hotel

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