Karimunjawa National Park in Jepara Regency, Central Java Province

Karimunjawa National Park perhaps is the most vacation spot in Jepara Regency. Not only it is famous among the locals, but the site is also known among outsiders and foreigners. It resides in the Java Sea and features both land and shores. No wonder, tourists can enjoy numerous marine attractions once they arrive at the site. Usually, people visit it in order to enjoy water sports like snorkeling and diving. Visitors can also witness stunning views of the hills and conduct a religious tourism by visiting some sacred tomb. Overall, this vacation destination is perfect for everyone when coming to Indonesia.

The Nuance
According to the locals, Karimunjawa National Park has the land size of about 1,500 hectares. As for the marine size, it is approximately 110,000 hectares! The good news is the local government puts lots of efforts to develop the site by providing better facilities and excellent maintenance. This explains why tourists can find many cottages located on the beaches and clean environment. On top of that, villagers are friendly enough to help tourists regardless of the necessities. As for the transportation quality, the services are great! There is no hassle to explore the region at all!

Exploring Karimunjawa National Park
Those who never visit Karimunjawa National Park may wonder what they can do once they arrive at the site. Well, the most popular one is diving. After all, no one can refuse to watch the stunning underwater beauty even though have no experience at all in diving. It is because they can rent an instructor and enjoy diving in a comfortable manner. While diving, they may see the famous wreck namely Panama Indono. According to the locals, the ship sank in 1955. Also, they have the chance to see the home of various coral fishes!

For those who have no guts to conduct diving, they can choose a more casual water sport like snorkeling instead. It is satisfying enough to enjoy the underwater scenery from the surface of the sea. What is next? People who visit Karimunjawa National Park should take advantage of the beautiful shore either for beach walking or sunbathing. It is because the shoreline has a soft-textured landscape and comfy nuance due to the presence of lush trees.

What is more? Fishing becomes the next recommended thing that tourists should do when visiting Karimunjawa National Park. They can do it either in the sides of the shore or on the boat in the midst of the sea. For more activities, they can rent a glass bottom boat and watch corals or fishes without getting in the water!

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  • How to Get There
    From Semarang City, tourists’ first destination is Jepara Regency. This trip takes around 2 hours and 8 minutes, as the distance is 78.1 km. The best route to take, in this case, is Kudus – Semarang Street. From Jepara, they need to get a boat service and head to Karimunjawa National Park right away. The best place to get the boat is at Kartini Port, actually. As an alternative, tourists can get one at Jepara Port to ride Siginjai Boat. This voyage takes around 5 hours, though.

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