Gombong Waterfall in Jepara Regency, Central Java Province

What is the reason to visit Jepara Regency? Most people might say they want to visit the famous Karimunjawa Island and buy some local carvings. Aside from that, tourists are likely to visit the region for an adventure in nature. Visiting Gombong Waterfall is an example. This beautiful tourist site is located in Papasan Village and it belongs to Bangsri Sub-District. That means the location is near to the famous Kedung Ombo Waterfall, which is also worth a visit. In fact, tourists can get from one waterfall to another by trekking for about 30 minutes. Have no worries. The route is nice and there is even a reliable footpath for trekking.

The Nuance
Even though Gombong and Kedung Ombo Waterfall are located close to each other, they have different characteristics. For example, it is related to the route. Gombong Waterfall has a more challenging and fun trekking route! In fact, tourists are able to conduct an extreme sport like a motor trail in that area. Thanks to the great landscape. In terms of nuance, the site is considered serene due to the secluded location. What about the size? The waterfall has the height of about 800 feet! The water is cold and the atmosphere is comfy. What can beat these?

Exploring Gombong Waterfall
As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why Gembong Waterfall popular is the location. It resides near to Kedong Ombo Waterfall at Papasan Village. No wonder, tourists are likely to drop by and explore both the sites during the visit. The next reason is related to the beauty. The waterfall pours down the tall cliff and looks quite astonishing. The water discharge is moderate, so tourists are allowed to take a shower under it. Moreover, the water feels so refreshing.

It is true trekking also becomes a reason why people visit Gombong Waterfall. They take advantage of the challenging landscape to conduct an exploration. They can either explore it on the site or head to the neighboring waterfall, which may take around 30 minutes. Aside from a regular trekking, tourists can join a fun and more thrilling activity like a motor trail. In this case, it is recommended to rent the vehicle from other visitors or available services. Most tourists don’t have the motor trail, after all.

The next thing that tourists can do in Gombong Waterfall is to meet villagers. It is because the location is near to the local settlement, so tourists are likely to meet the locals easily. Papasan Village is vast, and it has friendly villagers. These people often help tourists regarding the direction and other necessities, in fact!

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How to Get There
From Semarang City, it takes around 1 hour and 50 minutes to get to Jepara Regency. The distance is 76.6 km, but the trip becomes faster if tourists choose Raya Tuban – Semarang Street. Later, after arriving at Jepara, their next destination is Papasan Village at Bangsri Sub-District where the waterfall is located. The distance is only 7.7 km, so the trip takes about 12 minutes. As for the best route, tourists should take Jepara – Bangsri Street.

Where to Stay

  • Kelet Hotel
  • The Gecho Inn

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