Baratan Ceremony in Jepara Regency, Central Java Province

One of the reasons to visit Jepara Regency is definitely to watch unique traditional ceremonies and events. The fact is the region has many of them, including Baratan Ceremony. This unique and sacred event is done in the midst of the month right before Ramadhan. For the information, it is done once a year at night during Nisyu sya’ban evening. What is the purpose? The locals want to respect Queen Kalinyamat’s merit in bringing back the deceased Sultan Hadlirin who was killed during the war. These days, it even has become a local party and a tourist lure too! No wonder, it becomes one of the most significant events in Jepara, so tourists should not miss the chance to watch it.

The Nuance
The nuance is definitely merry due to the presence of many participants and audience. It is done at night, so tourists should come at the right time though. The participants carry a torch and conduct a parade on the street. A chosen girl or woman is going to be the cast of Queen Kalinyamat and rides a horse during the parade, as well. She wears many ornaments and wears beautiful attire. Not to mention the horse also wears some ornaments.

Exploring Baratan Ceremony
For first-timers, it is better to hire a local guide if they want to find the right place and exact time to watch the ceremony. Have no worries. The price is worth the benefits. This service may also explain the history and further information related to Baratan Tradition, in fact. Here is the information. The best place to visit is Kriyan Village at Kalinyamatan Sub-District. It becomes the starting point of the parade, after all, which starts exactly from Al-Makmur Mosque.

As mentioned before, one girl of woman plays a role as the Queen Kalinyamat. As for tourists, they must not miss the chance to take photos of this person. It is because she is the main allure of the parade. Aside from this woman, tourists should take photos of other participants including the maids that always follow the queen and the warriors who guard these women. The nuance becomes merrier due to the presence of kids carrying either a lampion or torch and singing “Sholawatan”.

Aside from enjoying the nuance, tourists can get other benefits when watching Baratan Ceremony. What is it? They can learn more information regarding Baratan. It is said the ceremony combines two different traditions. In fact, it involves social, cultural, and religious values. No wonder, the ceremony becomes more and more popular over time. People are attracted by the sacred and merry nuance of the event, after all. Not to mention they have the chance to learn a unique culture from it.

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How to Get There
The best place to watch Baratan Ceremony is definitely Jepara Regency. If tourists come from Semarang City, they may spend around 78.1km to get there. It can be done faster if they take Kudus –Semarang Street, though. In order to find the exact location where the event is held, they should hire a local guide. Not to mention they must come at the right time! Otherwise, they would miss the ceremony.

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