Empu Rancak Beach in Jepara Regency, Central Java Province

Jepara Regency’s main charm is definitely the beautiful wooden carvings. Still, it also has other values including the presence of natural attractions like Karimunjawa Archipelago. The region is also surrounded by beautiful exotic beaches including Empu Rancak. The location is in Karanggondang Village and it belongs to Mlonggo Sub-District. Not only the beach offers a soothing sea panorama, but it becomes the best place to witness a sunset too! This explains most visitors are likely to enjoy sightseeing and photography once they arrive at the location. Another allure is the presence of local seafood vendors where tourists can enjoy a comfy feast with their families.

The Nuance
Another name is Purancak Beach. It is true that people recognize the beach for its amazing sunset. No wonder, almost all visitors come to the location in the afternoon while waiting for that wonderful natural phenomenon. The next noticeable feature is the presence of a white sandy shoreline where visitors enjoy beach walking and relaxation. The shore features rocky landscape, so tourists should be careful when swimming. What is more? “Warung” or food vendors reside near to the shoreline, so tourists can get some during the visit. Moreover, the menu varies!

Exploring Empu Rancak Beach
Once arriving at Mpu Rancak Beach, people may find many food stands or “warung” located near to the shoreline. However, most of them reside on the roadside so tourists should walk for a while in reaching the location. The best food stand is the one that resides under a shady tree and faces directly to the sea. Not only tourists can enjoy delicious foods, but they can also witness the stunning scenery and feel a comfy atmosphere! Thus, everyone should choose the best food stand to get the best experience.

The next reason why many people keep coming to Mpu Rancak Beach is related to the location. The fact is Mpu Rancak is located near to other famous beaches like Blebak, Pailus, and Bondo. No wonder, they can explore those beaches without spending too much time on the trip. The location is near to each other, after all. Next, people are interested in visiting the beach due to the free entrance and park. There is no need to spend money to enter the site!

The exotic beauty of Mpu Rancak Beach also becomes an allure for tourists. The calm waves, clean environment, and shady pandanus trees are some natural attractions that tourists can enjoy during the visit. In fact, a mini port resides in that area where local fishermen gather and park their boat. At the port, tourists can witness the romantic sunset in its perfect from too!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Semarang City, tourists’ first destination is Jepara Regency. The distance is 78.1 km, so the trip may take around 2 hours and 12 minutes. It can be done faster if tourists take Kudus – Semarang Street, actually. Once they arrive at Jepara Regency, they can take Jepara – Bangsri Street and head to Karanggondang Village at Mlonggo Sub-District. The distance is only 13.1 km, so the trip takes around 24 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Sekuro Village Beach Resort

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