Jepara Square in Jepara Regency, Central Java Province

Each city indeed has a place for gathering and conducting various events, which is called “Alun-Alun”. Generally, people also call it a town square. Jepara Town Square is not an exception, therefore. The location is in the downtown, so all tourists are able to find it easily. It resides in Kartini Street at Panggang Village, actually. Like other squares, this one becomes a nice place to spend a relaxing time either alone, with friends, or families. Two best times to visit the site is in the morning and afternoon, due to the merry nuance and more soothing ambiance.

The Nuance
Both regular days and holidays, Jepara Square always has many visitors. Thanks to the strategic location. Tourists can even park their motorcycle at the roadside and get to the square right away. The size is moderate and it features a beautiful grassy field in the middle. Big and tall coconut trees surround the field and they look quite majestic. Not to mention the square features pavements where tourists can walk comfortably and do casual sports like jogging and yoga. Sometimes, several food vendors are seen on the site too!

Exploring Jepara Square
The first impression once visiting Jepara Square is the clean and neat environment. No trash is seen and the ambiance feels soothing due to the presence of coconut trees. It feels so comfortable to sit and hang out in that area, therefore. During weekends and holidays, many local families come to the location for relaxation and recreation. They take advantage of the facilities like the park, swings, chairs, etc. The good thing is everyone can use the facilities freely! They don’t even need to pay an entrance fee to explore the square.

Even though the size is not as big as other squares in big cities, this one is known for the cleanliness. Not to mention the field looks amazing with its green grasses. In the morning, in fact, the field is covered with dew! The air feels more refreshing, too, at the time. So, does it mean tourists should only visit the square in the morning? Well, other times offer a distinct nuance to them. Thus, tourists only need to choose the time based on their preference and purpose.

What about coming to Jepara Square at night? The ambiance becomes merrier due to the presence of tons of visitors at the time. Not to mention the facilities increase to accommodate visitors. For instance, tourists may find many snack and food vendors on the site. Plus, they can rent an ornamented pedicap and get around the square comfortably. What they need is some money to buy those foods and rent those facilities.

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How to Get There
Due to the strategic location, everyone is able to find Jepara Square easily. What tourists need to do is to visit Jepara Regency first. They need to spend around 1 hour and 58 minutes to get there from Semarang City, though. It is because the distance is 78.1 km, but the trip becomes faster if they take Kudus – Semarang Street. Once arriving at Jepara, their next destination is Panggang Village where the square resides. The distance is 3.1 km, so the trip takes only 6 minutes. As for the route, it is recommended to take Shima Street.

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  • Ratu Shima Hotel
  • Kalingga Star Hotel

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