Kartini Beach in Jepara Regency, Central Java Province

Living in Jepara Regency gives people benefits, especially in terms of tourism. However, outsiders also have the chance to take advantage of the regions’ tourism by visiting it during the holidays. So, what can be found there? When it comes to beaches, some recommended places are available including Kartini Beach. The location is in Bulu Village and it resides near to the famous Kura-Kura Ocean Park. That means tourists can explore both places easily during the visit. In fact, both the beach and ocean park is included in a tour package!

The Nuance
As mentioned before, Kura-Kura Ocean Park becomes the most noticeable landmark located near to Kartini Beach. No wonder, tourists don’t have difficulties in finding the location. According to the locals, the beach has a total area of 3.5 hectares and it charges tourists with an affordable entrance fee. What about the nuance? The sea looks beautiful with its blue color and calm waves. An island is also seen clearly on the horizon. The shoreline is light brown with a soft texture and several rounds concretes are scattered by the shore. Visitors can sit on those objects and take selfies on those objects!

Exploring Kartini Beach
The easy accessibility becomes the main reason why many people visit Kartini Beach. Not to mention the beach is located on the roadside and, so it is quite visible. Once tourists arrive at the gate of Kartini Beach, they may find a vast parking area. Thus, everyone can park their vehicle comfortable even during holidays. The breezy wind and the view of composed waves welcome everyone right away, too. Due to the calmness, the sea is suitable for swimming, therefore.

For those who don’t like swimming, they can simply sit on the round concretes and enjoy the nuance in a comfortable manner. It is recommended to explore the beach, though. The reason is the site offers many facilities including modest hotels, mushola, gazebos, kid’s playground, and much more. Among them, the best one is definitely Kura-Kura Ocean Park. This inseparable feature of Kartini Beach becomes the icon in that area, after all. It is safe to say the popularity is better than the beach itself.

The next thing that makes Kartini Beach popular is the serenity. Even though it has a great number of visitors, the nuance remains peaceful. Thanks to the flawless panorama and warm atmosphere. Everyone is able to soothe their mind and eradicate stress by simply spending some time at the beach.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kura-Kura Ocean Park
  • Sapta Pesona Port

How to Get There
In order to get to Kartini Beach, tourists must visit Jepara Regency first. If they come from Semarang City, their trip may take around 2 hours and 6 minutes as the distance is 78.1 km. For a faster trip, they should take Kudus – Semarang or Raya Tuban – Semarang Street. Next, after arriving at Jepara, their next destination is Bulu Village where the beach is located. The distance is 5 km, so the trip would only take about 11 minutes. The best route to take is Cik Lanang Street, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Kotabaru Homestay
  • Samudra Hotel

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