Kridhati Dance in Jepara Regency, Central Java Province

Jepara Regency is rich in natural attractions, traditional foods, history, and culture. As for the entertainment aspect, the region also has many beautiful traditional dances including the one called Kridhati. The dance shows the passion of arts among those who live in Jepara. According to the locals, the dance also shows how the procession in making carvings. Due to those unique aspects, the dance is able to attract tourists over time indeed. This explains why many tour agents recommend it to their clients and include it in their tour packages.

The Nuance
For the information, Kridhati can be done either individually or in a group. However, only female dancers can perform it. That means the moves would look both beautiful and gentle. The dance also includes several moves that picture the carving making process, in fact! As for the attire, those dancers wear “jarik” to cover their lower body part and white shirts with a vest. Some dancers wear a red vest and shawl, while others wear a green vest and shawl. They wear a unique hat, too! As for the location, the dance is done mostly inside a building.

Exploring Kridhati Dance
Kridhati Dance may look either solemn or merry depending on the number of the dancers. It is because the dance can be done by either a single or multiple female dancers. Usually, the dance is performed during the birthday of Jepara Regency. Thus, tourists only need to come at the time if they want to witness it directly. In order to find the information about the date and place, they can talk to a reliable tour agency, actually.

In terms of dance movements, Kridhati doesn’t look forceful at all. It is done by female dancers, after all. On the other hand, it looks supple and graceful. The unique thing is the dance involves several moves that represent Jepara’s carving making processions. These include the hunt for lumbers in the forest, the drawing, the engraving, and coloring. Not only the audience enjoys the beauty of Kridhati Dance, but they can also learn something regarding the procession. It is said the dance was invented in order to retain the carving culture in Jepara Regency. It also helps to promote it to more people outside the region.

Those who come to Jepara Regency for Kridhati Dance should consider several things before visiting. For instance, it is related to the schedule. Once again, asking for information from a tour agency is recommended. The next consideration is about the camera. Taking photos is allowed, but tourists should not use a flashlight or cause any disturbance when watching the dance!

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How to Get There
The first destination is Jepara City. From Semarang City, tourists can take Kudus – Semarang Street to reach Jepara. This may take around 2 hours and 6 minutes, as the distance is 78.1 km. As for the tip, they must hire a local guide or tour agent to find the exact location and schedule of the performance. Otherwise, it is likely that they may miss it!

Where to Stay

  • Seaside Villa
  • Puri Saripan
  • Nusantara Hotel
  • Kencana Hotel

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