Mantingan Mosque in Jepara Regency, Central Java Province

Aside from Baitul Makmur Grand Mosque, Jepara has other historical mosques including the one called Mantingan Mosque. It got the name based on the location, actually, which is at Mantingan Village in Tahunan Sub-District. The exact location is at Raya Sultan Mantingan Street and it has become a place for both worshipping and tourism. In fact, many people visit it during the holidays in Indonesia! They are interested in the architecture and want to conduct photography during the visit, after all. Some people also come to the site to learn the history of the mosque, too!

The Nuance
The nuance indeed feels sacred and peaceful. It is a holy place for worshipping, after all. In terms of architecture, Mantingan Mosque is different than the modern ones. One of the uniqueness is related to the floor (which has a high foundation). Both the tiles and stairs came from Macaw, China. Tourists can also see pottery plates installed on the outermost wall of the mosque. They look stunning indeed. Inside, carved walls flank the podium. The design is similar to the Javanese buildings, actually. No wonder, the mosque looks traditional and beautiful (which suits for photography).

Exploring Mantingan Mosque
The first benefit to come to Mantingan Mosque is definitely related to the history. Tourists can simply as the keepers regarding the history of the mosque. It is said the mosque was built in 1559 AD. Also, it became one of the most significant sites to spread Islam in the north part of Java Island. According to the locals, Mantingan Mosque is right behind Demak Grand Mosque when it comes to popularity. No wonder, lots of people are interested to visit the mosque and learn more about it.

Not only Mantingan Mosque accommodates a place for praying, but it also becomes both a small palace and cemetery. No wonder, visitors may find an ancient tomb in that area. It is the tomb of Sultan Hadlririn, actually. That means people can also perform a pilgrimage during the visit later. The sacred and peaceful nuance also makes the mosque more comfortable to explore! Some people even take advantage of the ambiance for relaxation and lessening, in fact!

Another reason to visit Mantingan Mosque is to appreciate the architecture. That means tourists can simply explore the site and watch the fabulous design of the mosque, they should not miss the chance to take photos of it, though. Both the mosque’s exterior and interior are stunning! Still, tourists should not spoil and cause a disturbance when exploring the site, later. They visit a sacred place, after all.

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How to Get There
A trip to Jepara City takes approximately 2 hours and 2 minutes if tourists come from Semarang City. It is because the distance is 78.1 km, but the trip becomes faster if tourists take Kudus – Semarang Street. Once arriving at Jepara, the next destination is Mantingan Village at Tahunan Sub-District, where the mosque resides. Tourists only need to take Ratu Kalinyamat Street and head to the site right away. The distance is only 6.8 km, so the trip would take about 13 minutes.

Where to Stay

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