Alamoya Waterboom in Jepara Regency, Central Java Province Kemojan Mangrove Forest in Jepara Regency, Central Java Province

Kemojan Mangrove Forest in Jepara Regency, Central Java Province

It is a known fact that Karimunjawa Island has become the prime tourism allure in Jepara Regency. Not only the island is surrounded by exotic beaches, but it also offers tons of interesting natural attractions. One of them is the famous Kemojan Mangrove Forest. As the name suggests, the site offers a lush forest of mangroves where tourists can enjoy exploration, sightseeing, and photography. It is also suitable for families who want to introduce their kids to nature and the importance of mangroves for the environment. Not to mention it would give a new experience for those who spend a vacation in Jepara Regency and Karimunjawa Island.

The Nuance
After arriving at Kemojan Mangrove Forest, tourists may feel the soothing nuance right away. It is because the site has a vast size, which is about 223 hectares and it is surrounded by lush mangrove trees. There are many species, too, in fact. The thing is tourists need to pass through a challenging landscape before reaching the forest including the local village. Once they arrive at the trekking checkpoint, their adventure begins. Not many people are seen on the site, so it feels so peaceful when exploring the area! It helps tourists to relax and eradicate stresses, somehow.

Exploring Kemojan Mangrove Forest
The most important requirement is to pay the entrance fee, first. After getting to the location, tourists are allowed to explore the forest thoroughly. That means trekking becomes the most popular thing to do on the site. Have no worries. The local government has built the wooden bridge used to explore that area. Those who never come to a mangrove forest should consider several things, though.

For example, visitors should know the fact that mangrove forest is the home of tons of insects and mosquitos. Therefore, it is recommended to apply a special lotion to repel those animals. Usually, the keepers provide some to tourists. Everyone just needs to ask whether they can get the lotion from those people or not later. For the information, the trekking route has the distance of 2 km. That means everyone must carry some bottled water in order to avoid the thirst during the exploration.

Kemojan Mangrove Forest provides 4 resting spots that tourists may find during the exploration. There is even a tower for sightseeing. Still, the tower is quite tall, so it takes some efforts to get to the top of it. Here is the tip. The best time to visit the site is in the afternoon during dusk, when the beautiful sunset appears. It looks even greater from the tower, in fact.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From the capital of Central Java Province (Semarang City), tourists can take Kudus – Semarang Street and head to Jepara Regency right away. The distance is 78.1 km, so the trip may take around 2 hours and 12 minutes. Once arriving at Jepara, their next destination is Jepara Port where they can get a boat service to Karimunjawa Island. Commonly, it takes about 4.5 hours to get to the location. The last thing to do is to head to the mangrove forest by any available local transportation service.

Where to Stay

  • Sadewo Homestay
  • Pondok Bintang Homestay
  • Batu Topeng Homestay

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