Way Lalaan Waterfall

Way Lalaan is a constitution gradually waterfall that have 200 m distance of one to others, from the flow of Way Lalaan river which mouth of a river to Semangka Bay. This location is in foot Valley of Tanggamus Mountain which just 2 Km from the Central Government of Tanggamus region or 80 Km from Bandar Lampung. This waterfall was unknowable since 1937 in Dutch Colonial Government, which make the cement ladder to waterfall valley. The facilities available are shelter, fitting room and park area.

Using vehicle with the low speed, 15 minutes from the Shrine Stone arrived in Pekon Way Lalaan. Enter ± 100 m from the left of the object road tour-water the Way Lalaan Waterfall suitable was visited. The waterfall from the height ± 11 m created the very faint thunderous sound began to be able to be heard since the highest step of the road entered descended along 75 m. The car park that enough areas, Shelter and mushola was facilities that were available apart from the room rinsed. In side of the pond that was formed from this water was safe to bathe and be submerged. The location of this objects only some hundred meters from the Government complex of Tanggamus Regency.

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