Pekon Hujung Tourism Village

Pekon Hujung tourism village is located in the District of Belalau, West Lampung. Here at this village, settle the Pesagi Mountain, which is the highest mountain in West Lampung that has ± 2000 m high. The mountain is mostly visited by the traveler. Pekon Hujung is merges in the foot of Pesagi Mt.

The daily activities at this rural community is very thick and genuine. There is Traditiona House in West Lampung that is often used as a homestay for tourists, that has been equipped with adequate facilities. We can also undertake the rural activities like farming in the fields, bathing in the river and others.

Aside from being a gateway to Pesagi Mt, Pekon Hujung is also believed to be the origin place of the Kingdom Sekalabrak that degrade the native of western Lampung. In this place, we can enjoy the natural beauty and rich biodiversity of western Lampung as well as the coastal community culture that is permissive, friendly, and more refined in manners. Both beauty of the culture and nature from Pekon Hujung makes this place special and worth to be visited. In addition to a fun adventure, we can see the natural beauty and marine life in Lampung Barat from the heights of the Mountain. It expanses of green refreshing looks and the soothing view of the sky.

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