Kubur Island

The island is actually a large cluster of coral. The plains of the island are a large rock that surrounded by the ocean and the extensive reef for only 5 hectares. Kubur island is divided in two parts, on one side there is a beach and the other side there is a towering cliff that overlooking the Lampung Bay.

If you love fishing, this island is one of the best spots for fishing, due to the presence of the reef becomes the favorite spot for big fish to congregate. You can rent a motor boat to take you not far from the location of the island, then swing the bait from motor boat to the nearest coral around the island.

The name of Pulau Kubur, or Grave Island is believed by the local society once was an island for spreading the ashes of dead body.

Kubur Island is located in the Gulf of Lampung in Bandar Lampung coastal areas. There is no bridge connecting the island to the mainland of Lampung. Kubur Island is part of west Telok Betong districts and administratively part of Bandar Lampung. The possible way to reach the island is by using motor boat.

The visitors usually come to this island through Pasaran Island, which located around 7 km and it can be reached within 30 minutes by motorboat. Normally, the visitors can reach Kubur Island from Puri Gading beach and Tirtayasa beach for 15 minutes by using motor boat.

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