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Kotaagung is the capital city of Tanggamus Regency in Lampung and it is the largest city in the district. Kotaagung is located at the foot of Mount Tangamus, at the side of Semangka Gulf coast. At west side this city is bordered by the districts of Wonosobo and the east bordering with districts Gisting. Something that characterizing this city is there are many dolphins’ images in every corner of the city, for the dolphin is the mascot of Tanggamus district.

The street in Kotaagung is relatively quiet by the riders, either motorcycle or cars, even in a major highway. However, the quiet streets of a city can not be indicate as a setback. Commonly, the things that make a city becomes crowd and hectic is coming from the shopping center or market, while in Kotaagung, the shopping center is located in sub area, not it the main street. Hence, it will be so rare to find trafic jam in Kotaagung.

Another thing that led the dullness in Kotaagung is taken from the geographical factor. The highway in Kotaagung is not becomes the main causeway, that linking the major city to other major cities. This makes the traffic volume is not much, just like in other big cities in Indonesia.

The conditions at Kotaagung that located by the sea, precisely in the Semangka Bay, making Kotaagung has a large harbor. The harbor is function not only for fishing boats that docked at the port, but also for passenger ships, and it usually serves trip to Tabuhan island and surrounding.

Since Kotaagung is a small city in Lampung, but there are many attractions that surprisingly interesting to be visited, among other things are Terbaya Beach, Marina Dermaga beach 1,2 and 3, Lamuran waterfall, Bukit Tinggi waterfall, Sinar Lebak waterfall, Way Panas hotspring, Way Kandis waterfalls, Semaka gulf, fish auction center, Way Lalaan waterfall and more.

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