Siger Tower

Siger is a tower that is also a zero point in southern Sumatra. It was inaugurated by the Lampung Governor Sjachroedin Z.P, since 30 April 2008. The inauguration was marked with a siren, the inscription, and the release of doves along with numbers of ambassadors. Siger tower is a blend between land mark and tourism site. It said that Siger Tower is like a beautiful girl who will attract everyone to propose. This tower will bring tourism attraction and investment for Lampung.

Siger Tower was built with attention to show the characteristic of Lampung. In the vicinity of the monument was built spaces that display Lampung cultural and tourism infrastructure. As a monument that located at the tip of Sumatra Island, Siger Tower is equipped with marker for Zero Point of Sumatra Island. Siger tower has gold color that come with the room where the tourists can see Bakauheni Port as well as the panoramic beauty of the sea and natural surroundings.

Literally, Siger is customary hat bride from Lampung. In fact, Siger tower is a crown-shaped building that consists of nine series which symbolizes the nine languages in Lampung. The yellow and red color is representing the golden color of the bride custom hats. Moreover, the building is also decorated with carvings that indicating fabric pattern from Lampung.

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