Kencana Lepus Traditional House

Kencana Lepus is Lampung Traditional house that suprisingly becomes rare in Lampung. The most authentic one is located in Jl. Diponegoro No. 56, in Sukadana Village, East Lampung Regency.

Kencana Lepus has character design of black painted which has been designated as a cultural reserve featuring collections and information on the cultural history of the province. This house has 24 x 20 meter wide and it was build in the mid of 17th Century or around 1650, during the reign of Minak Rio Kudu Islam.

Initially, the house was built by using nangi wood without the use of any nail, and the featured roof tiles is brought especially from the city of Palembang in the neighboring province of Central Sumatra. At that time, the house was one of the largest and most luxurious in the region.

Today, the house is under the care of Hj.Uzunuhir who is the heir to the original owner of the house. She is the wife of the late Suttan Kencana, who initiated the transformation of the house to become Lampung’s House on Cultural Information, carrying the name Kencana Lepus. The name “Kencana” itself was taken from the husband’s name, while “Lepus” was the title given to Hj. Uzunuhir.

The Kencana Lepus House on Lampung’s Cultural Information plays an important role in supporting the Lampung Museum as media to preserve some of the historical collections of the province. The traditional house gathers, preserves, and showcases some of the most valuable cultural items of Lampung, besides replicas, as well as provides information on all aspects of the culture in Lampung.

How to get there :
The house is located at Jalan Diponegoro no.56 in the Sukadana Village, Sukadana town, East Lampung Regency, right next to the Sukadana Village Office. The town of Sukadana itself is the capital of the East Lampung Regency and is situated some 30Km from Metro Town or about 80Km from Bandar Lampung, the capital of Lampung Province. You can reach the town in a 2 hours' drive using rented car or public bus.

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