Laguna Beach

Laguna Helau, is a beach resort in Kalianda, a small fishing town not far from Bakaheuni port, Lampung. Helau Laguna has been designed as a Sumatran fishing village, with natural wooden huts perched on tall columns. It located in a lagoon that over looking the Sunda Strait and the Indian Ocean. The visitors can see the silhouette of Anak Krakatau, which is a subsidiary of the famous volcano, Krakatoa. Laguna Helau has 8 cottages or log cabin that located right on the waterfront. All cootage or the log cabin offers an amazing sight.

Laguna beach is not far from Kiluan Bay’s dock. To go to the location, we have to struggle and need to be careful because we have to climbed the hills and over the rocks. We will guided by a local guide and paid the ticket for IDR 3000. By walking, we walked through path among homes and then we climbed and dropped down the hills.

The journey made us a bit tired, but we can be happy because the view is surrounded by chocolate and banana plants. After through the hills, we arrived in the Laguna beach with high waves and white sand then we took short break and some pictures because the scenery is stunningly beautiful.

Having trip to Laguna beach needs special care and attention, because we will crossed the composition of rocks that scattered on the seafront. Not all rock is good to stand on, so we should choose the right path. However, the trip will be easier if you go together with friend or guide who already knows the location. It is adviseable to use a comfortable shoes to cross over the rocks. Do not forget to bring a bottle of water and snacks because when you feel tired and hungry, there is no minimarket or stalls available.

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