Condong Island

Pulau Condong or Condong Island is also popular by the name of Condong Sulah Island, it located 1 km from bypass route of Bandar Lampung- Bakauheni. The island has genuine look, with the cone-like dome shape, which the entire surface covered by the hill slopes and forest vegetation, such as merbau trees, hibiscus, ketapan, and so forth.

At the southern part of the island is like being split and it can be used for rock climbing, hiking and outdoor sports that challenge the adrenalin. Around the region of Condong Sulah, Condong Darat and Condong Laut is being used for swimming and diving practice. You will like to linger on the beach lip because the water is very clear, so we can see the underwater plants and animal from the surfaces.

You can swim, snorkeling, diving, and outbound training at this place. Even if you are love extreme sports, you can also do rock climbing in this place, and seeing wild monkeys foraging around the island.

The place is quite romantic if you want to ask your love one to see the sunset from the natural tunnel on the west side of the island. The bright yellow sky from the sun that set down will be the perfect moment to say love and even to throw the proposal.

All of the above makes Condong Island becomes a favorite destination from local travelers or outside the town who want to spend the holidays or a weekend with friends and family.

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