Mandiangin Hill

Lampung Barat is also providing an extreme travel choice for those who love adrenaline rush. Bukit Mandiangin is located in the region of Lumbok Ranau. The high hill that approximately 400 meters above sea level is the spot to take off for sporting activities as known as paragliding.

For those who love to fly solo or tandem will be offered with beautiful natural contours. The view of Lake Ranau, Mount Seminung, vast stretches of rice fields and the towering mountains are the main treat that can be enjoyed from the sky. To get into the hill and enjoy the scenery, from the parking lot we have to do the climbing first. There are two hiking paths that can be used is by cutting the contours of the hill at the back of the Dutch pool, and the other track is by using the damaged pavement that closed by premises secure portal. If we use the track by climbing lane and cut the contours we can save our time, and the journey can be done about an hour, but this track is very dangerous if the physical condition not so well.

After reaching the the top of the hill, there will be many others viisitors who successfully winning their gut and reach into the hill. The moment after that is about waiting the perfect time to see the magnificent view of sunrise and do not forget to say our gratitude to the Almighty God for this wonderful view.

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