Mutung Beach in Tangkil Island

Mutung Beach is located in the village of Sukajaya Lempasing, Padang Cermin district, and it can be reached by land for about 20 minutes from downtown Telukbetung. Mutung Beach has facilities that can be used for the visitors; they are cabins, rental boats, canoes, banana boat, outbound arena and camping ground on Tangkil Island. The island is can be reached about 15 minutes from downtown, and it has approximately 12 hectares are with facilities such as accommodation, agro tourism, watersport, ATV vehicles and outbound arena. During week end, this place is always crowded by visitors who come for recreation with friends, family or love one.

Mutun has white sand beach with the sea that is relatively clean that makes the nearest destination in town. The waves at Mutun beach is fairly quiet and it relatively safe to play farther from the coast, but if you just want to relax and enjoy the calm sea water there is also provided huts and shelter to sit and enjoy the nuance.

Not far from Mutun there is a lush and green Tangkil Island. To come to this island you can ride a boat for Rp 2,000 per person. We can rest more comfortably at this island because the atmosphere here is quite calm and shady by the lines of fruit trees. The sea water on the Tangkil Island is clearer so you can swim or see the fish near the beach.

To be able to go to mutun Beach, it takes approximately 25 kilometers from Bandar Lampung. Along the journey to Mutun beach, there will be stunning lines of shaddy trees in here and there and it brings traquilty and comfort for you to drive. There will be a sign board in the main street to show you the way to turn and reach Mutun Beach; on the paved highway toward the ground rocky road is the road that leads to Mutun, for about one kilometer ahead.

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