Wartawan Beach

Wartawan is a beach in Lampung that located in Way Muli, 18 Km from Kalianda dan 31 Km from Simpang Gayam in a track of Bakauheni, Bandar Lampung. This beach has unique name, since the meaning of Wartaman in Journalist. The name is taken from the joournalists that been taking care for this beach since early founded. This beach is settled precisely in a narrow area between the Rajabasa Mt circle, sloping mountain and the ocean.

In Wartawan Beach you can enjoy a very beautiful stretch of beach that complete with blue water and the panorama of nearby islands, including Krakatoa and natural scenery around the mountains. The beach is perfect for bathing and swimming, because it also the source of hot mineral water that mixed with sea water.

The hot spring that located in this Wartawan beach is reach 80 degrees Celsius. Uniquely, the hot springs in Wartawan beach that been mixed with sea water but but the taste is not salty. The visitors that come to this spring are sometimes trying to cook some eggs, fishes, shrimp, even brewing the coffee.

This hot spring is also believed to treat diseases, such as rheumatism and skin diseases. However, it is better for you to keep the distance to the hot spring, because it is very dangerous if you slip into the water.

The access to the beach is easy because the roads to get there is pretty good. From the port of Bakauheni is approximately 31 kilometers or 18 kilometers from the center of Kalianda. You can reach it by using private vehicles or public transport. The entrance fee is about Rp 2.500, - per person, and the parking fee is Rp 2,000, for motorcycle and Rp.5000, - for cars.

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