Krui is the capital of the West Coast District that located in the coastal areas of the Indian Ocean. As a coastal area, Krui has tourism potential, especially for beach tourism. Krui is famous as a tourist destination for foreign tourists that primary going for surfing.

Not only Bali island, Krui is also the perfect place that has a stunning beauty for surfing and sea lovers. At first glance it looks like Lombok island but Krui has some advantages than Lombok. Krui has high waves and the green hills. Many worldwide tourists said that this is paradise. Krui is the most complete tourist area for those who love surfing. You can choose one of beaches along Krui such as Tanjung Setia and Berandai Beach. Krui beach has waves up to 5 meters with an uninterrupted wave along 200 meters. Tremendous!

If you love dive, Krui has a good location for dive around the Pisang Island which is filled with marine life and beautiful coral. If you are sunset hunter you will enjoy a beautiful sunset in the Indian Ocean.

How to go there :
Krui is located in the west coast of Sumatra, a region part of Lampung province. Geographically, Krui is among the cluster of the Barisan Mountain’s valley and along the coastline directly facing the Indian Ocean.

If you are from America, Europe or Australia, you can use commercial airplane to transit at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, in Jakarta and travel continues by plane for 45 minutes to Raden Diamond II Airport (Bandar Lampung).

From the airport, travel continues by car for 6-7 hours through west trans Sumatra highway. A long journey will be felt like a short trip because you will be presented with a beautiful view of the Barisan mountain, sea views and natural forests. Do not worry, the road to Krui is very good and not too crowded.

When you arrive in Krui regency, there are some options to stay, you can choose in Tanjung Setia, Kampung Jawa or Way Redak, as well as in Pugung Tampak. Each area has its advantages, especially the proximity to surf area as well as access to other tourist locations.

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