Curup Tujuh Waterfall

Margajaya village in Lampung has a stunning natural beauty. The village is located in Central Lampung that most of the inhabitants are farmers and teachers. In addition to its natural attractions, the agro tourism is also abundantly wealthy.

Curug Tujuh Waterfall is one of the natural attractions in the Margajaya village, District Selagai Lingga, Central Lampung. The name curug Tujuh or seven waterfall is taken from the waterfall has seven levels, that reached 75 meters high.

To go to Curug Tujuh is can be reached within 2 hours from Mount Sugih by using four wheel drive vehicles and two-wheeler. Actually, to reach the location we can use four-wheel vehicle, but since the road is bumpy then it is not allowed to use a car. But for you who do not want to be too tired walking to the location, there is bike trail to be provided to go to the location. Having a trip to Curug Tujuh will becomes the great experience to refresh our mind from the busy activities in town, since it has great view and edventurous route.

After having the jungle track for about 15 minutes from Curug Satu or the first level of the waterfall, we come to Curug Tujuh. The water that slide for approximately 30 meters in sight, gives its flirting splash of that sparkling water. If the sunlight radiating the sparkling water, there will be rainbow pouring down and showing up the beauty of serenity.

It said that, the beauty of Curup Tujuh is comparing to Curup Maung that located in Palembang, South Sumatra. From both locations, those waterfalls have the same way to access the location, which is by passing the jungle track.

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