Lumbok Tourism Village

Lumbok is the name of the village that located in the sub-district of Sukau, West Lampung district. The village has very picturesque lake views Ranau at its edge of the area, so that a traveler who visited will feel at home and at peace. Hench, Lumbok has been established as a tourist village which offers tranquility.

Lumbok Tourism Village is located 30 km from Liwa, West Lampung district capital. Those who viist this village can do villagers’ activities like catching fish by spearing and archery, swimming in Ranau Lake, fishing eel and doing evening activities with the locals. For lodging, the tourists will be invited to mingle with the locals and stay at their house.

Lampung Barat has tremendous potential for tourism travel. Thereis Batubrak, a prehistoric sites, Kenali, where there is centuries-old custom house, Danau Ranau or the famous Ranau Lake, and beaches along 210 km which said to be world number three best waves. Lumbok village is one of the four pekon or villages that have been designated as tourist village. Three other villages is Tanjung Setia (for surfing), Muara Tembulih (turtle breeding), and Kenali Village (ancient house).

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