Thay Hin Bio Temple

Lampung is sprinkled with numerous Chinese temples, the most prominent of which is Thay Hin Bio. The temple is located at Jalan Ikan Kakap in Teluk Betung, probably the closest thing to a “Chinatown” in Bandar Lampung. A number of Chinese shops also line the road, selling a variety of goods from food and other unique items to Chinese heritage and culture.

The Thay Hin Bio Temple was constructed by Po Heng in 1850, after the eruption of Krakatoa. It is kept in very good condition by the lively Chinese community of Bandar Lampung, and still functions as a place of worship till today.

The temple is the largest Chinese temple in Lampung, the oldest in Teluk Betung (or Betung Bay) , and some say that it is the most beautiful temples on the island. This historical landmark is easily recognizable from afar, due to its striking color and significant size. The most of the antique structure is painted with a bright, red hue, clearly displaying the influence of Chinese heritage and architecture.

The wooden walls are decorated with elaborately engraved and artistically painted reliefs and murals. Intricately there is carved of golden dragons spiral down the building’s supporting pillars, bringing good fortune to all who enter. Two more dragons, green and snake-like, sit face to face along the peak of the building’s roof.

To go this place, we can start from The Radin Inten Airport in Bandar Lampung, which is a domestic only airport, serving Jakarta, Batam, Bandung, Palembang, and the small island of Kriu.

Alternatively, you could travel by sea across the Sunda Strait, the passage of water between the islands of Java and Sumatera. Once in Bandar Lampung, make your way to Jalan Ikan Kakap in Teluk Betung. The area is easily accessible by public transport or private car.

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