Tanjung Setia Beach

Tanjung setia is a beach that settled secludedly along the western coast of Lampung, beyond the thick forests of the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park. Although obscured from spotlights, the waves at Tanjung Setia are touted as among the world's best by surfers from worldwide, and some said that this place is comparable with the world famous surf of Hawaii.

Tanjung Setia is located in some 273 kms or about 6-7 hours driving from the province’s capital Bandar Lampung; administratively in the Tanjung Setia Village of the West Lampung district, the Tanjung Setia Beach lies directly in the path of the large Indian Ocean currents that enhance it with constant fascinating waves. Nonetheless, the beach itself has yet to attain the kind of fame in the international circuit, as have its counterparts in Bali or Lombok.

Tanjung Setia is a beach with kind of virgin condition and it has some stunning natural beauty. The soft white sandy beaches that stretch from shore to shore and breathtaking sunsets that offers their own fascinating attractions next to the challenging waves. The shores in Tanjung Setia Beach are also decorated with lush palm trees that give it a picturesque landscape and relaxing ambience as one waits for the perfect waves. The diving sites here are also legendary among dive fanatics, although nowhere near as popular as their counterparts in Manado or in Bali, for sure.

By the un-spoilt beauty and strategically in secluded location, the term hidden pearl is suits this pristine beach perfectly. The indulging waters and challenging waves that combined with relaxing un-crowded beaches make this a perfect destination both for adrenalin-pumping junkies and getaway seekers.

How to get there :
Located within the Tanjung Setia Village, Pesisir Selatan of the West Lampung district, this enchanting beach is situated some 52 kms away from the district’s Capital Liwa in the direction of Krui, and 273 kms or some 6-7 hours’ drive from the province’s capital Bandar Lampung.

If you wish to take public transportation you can take the Krui Putra bus from Rajabasa Terminal at Bandarlampung that passes through the Trans Sumatra Highway, and stops directly at Tanjung Setia Beach. The bus will charge around IDR 40,000 to IDR 50,000. Along the way, you will be presented with some of the stunning sceneries of Bukit Barisan Mountain ridge with slopes and winding turns on relatively smooth roads.

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