Batu Brak Megalith Site

West Lampung has megalithic sites named Batu Brak. From the page of Indonesia Tourism Board from West Lampung district, this prehistoric sites is located in two regions of Kebun Tebu sub-districts and Gedung Surian.

There are different kind of relic at this megalith is can be found in the form of menhirs, dolmen and statues. Traveler can visit the region to carry out the various activities such as research studies or giving the appreciation of art and culture. In addition to the tourist spots above, West Lampung is also store other natural resources in the form of a waterfall.

Batu Brak Megalithic site was first discovered in 1951 by the BRN (Badan Rekonstruksi Nasional) or National Reconstruction Agency. The first study was initiated in 1980 by Prof.Dr.Aris Soekandar an archaeologist from Jakarta. The complex of megalithic site of Batu Brak is under the auspices of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Lampung Province in collaboration with Asylum Board of Antiquities Banten.

Based on the findings, it was concluded that the Batu Brak megalithic site was once used as a place of worship, not a funeral at the time of animism. This site has gone through four stages of restoration, which began in 1984 until 1989. In 1989, the complex was opened to the public either for travel or for research purposes.

There are several types of stones in the complex of Batu Brak megalithic sites, among others:

  • 1. Batu Tegak
    Totaling 40 pieces made of stone andesed, and serves as the binding of sacrificial animals during religious ceremony during animism era.

  • 2. Dolmen or table
    Totaling 38 pieces made of stone moneled, and serves as a place to put the offerings at religious ceremonies during animism era.

  • 3. Batu Datar of Flat Rock
    Consists of 3 pieces, made of stone that still in the research process, while the function is the same with the dolmen.

  • 4. Batu Umpak or Stone pedestals
    A small boulder of unknown function.

From the excavations around the complex of Batu Brak megalithic site, there are found several items, among others:

  • 1. Manik – manik or beads
    Made of glass and stone.

  • 2. Denomination ceramics
    Both from local and foreign.

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