Kenali Traditional House

Every region in Indonesia has particular traditional house that representing the area, culture or way the ancestors live for generation. In Lampung the traditional homes is in the form of stage house that made of wood, which the under part is intentionally being blanked as a place to save livestock and crops. Commonly, those traditional houses have been standing for decades or even hundreds of years. The forms of traditional houses in Lampung is can be see in some villages at Belalau district like, Hujung, Kenali, Turgak, Luas, Kotabesi, Canggu, Pekon Balak, Negeri Ratu, Sukabumi, and in the District of Balik Bukit like Kotaagung and Empulau Ulu.

As in other areas, in Lampung traditional homes has several forms that adapted to the position and status of the owner, such as Gedung Dalom that designation Kraton / Palace for a Suttan / Sultan / King / Saibatin, who is the owner of Indigenous Peoples, the owner of region and customary rights. However, the oldest traditional home in West Lampung is about 350 years old.

Kenali traditional house, is the home from Lampung that also popular by the name of Pesagi house. Lampung traditional house is reside in Kenali Village, West Lampung.

Rumah Kenali is a house that has different look other than common house in Lampung. The roof is made of fiber leaves, instead of tile or zinc. Instead of made by concrete or brick, the wall is still made of wood. Everything under the house is only supported by large wooden beams. Although, the house was built by wood that standing for hundreds of years, but the house is still standing firm against the time.

There is an interesting thing of this traditional house. Despite having been crowned as archaeological site, but we can see the glow of life at this old house because it still occupied by the owners. The home is well-maintain by the ower and there is love inside the house.

Anyway, the house has been occupied by the family for 3 generations, which reached 300 years until today and it already be the witness to the history of Indonesian struggle against the colonials.

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