Widosari Peak in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta

It is not surprising that Kulon Progo City gets more visitors as the time goes by, especially those who love nature. The reason is the region owns lots of beautiful places to explore including the one called Widosari Peak. This stunning highland is located in Tritis Village and belongs to Samigaluh Sub-District. The location is near to Nglinggo Tea Garden, so it is considered easy to reach. Usually, the site is crowded during weekends and long holidays as many locals come to enjoy trekking and sightseeing. Not to mention the scenery is good enough for photography!

The Nuance
When it comes to nuance, Widosari Peak offers a similar atmosphere to Nglinggo Tea Plantation. That means tourists may feel the refreshing air and serene ambiance right away once they arrive at the site. For the information, the site is located on the height of 1000 meters above the sea level. No wonder, it can be quite cold in the morning. In order to enter the trekking area, tourists also need to pay the ticket at the gate located in the parking lot. Have no worries. The route is easy and short, so it is suitable for everyone even beginners.

Exploring Widosari Peak
Before visiting Widosari Peak, everyone should get more information regarding the site. For first-timers, hiring a porter or local guide is quite recommended. At least, this service helps them to reach the peak efficiently. Also, the guide may show tourists the best spots to conduct sightseeing and photography. Plus, it won’t get too lonely for those who decide to explore the site all by themselves. So, it is safe to say the guide is a good deal and it is worth the money.

Trekking, sightseeing, and photography are three prime activities that tourists might enjoy once they arrive at Widosari Peak. Well, in the beginning, they need to pay the ticket fee at the gate located near to Tritis Village. For the information, this is going to be a challenging trip. The trekking route is narrow, but it doesn’t take much time to reach the peak. That means even beginners are able to enjoy the activity regardless of the experience and knowledge. What they should pay attention is the landscape, which is not quite comfortable.

Once arriving at the top of it, the flawless natural scenery (including Nglinggo Tea Garden) welcomes everyone. Plus, the atmosphere is comfortable enough to enjoy relaxation and eradicate stresses! On top of that, a unique grandiose stone resides at the peak which becomes a perfect background for photography. One thing, it takes careful steps to get near to the stone due to the slippery surface of the route (especially during the rainy season).

Nearby Attractions

  • Nglinggo Tea Plantation
  • Tritis Tea Plantation
  • Plono Market

How to Get There
A trip to Widosari Peak takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes if tourists come from Adisucipto International Airport at Yogyakarta City. It is because the distance is 47 km. As for the fastest route, it is recommended to take Kebon Agung Street. Their first destination is definitely Samigaluh Sub-District. Next, they only need to reach Tritis Village and visit the gate on where they can start trekking.

Where to Stay

  • Rimbono Homestay
  • Kayumanis Homestay

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