Jaran Mountain in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta

Kulon Progo Regency is part of Yogyakarta Special Region Province and it has lured more tourists over time. One of the reasons is definitely due to the breathtaking scenery of nature, which helps tourists to relax and conduct photography. In this case, everyone should not miss the recommended tourist spot called Jaran Mountain! The location is in West Nglinggo Village and it belongs to Samigaluh Sub-District. In fact, it resides near to the famous Nglinggo Tea Garden! As for the tourist activities, most people come to the site in order to enjoy relaxation, sightseeing, and photography without a doubt.

The Nuance
Once arriving at West Nglinggo Village, tourists can directly head to Jaran Peak by trekking. The first noticeable view is definitely the beautiful terraced farms and tea plantations. Aside from such wonderful scenery, the site also offers a nice trekking route featuring bamboo stairs and some resting spots. No wonder, everyone is able to enjoy trekking without spending too much stamina. Even beginners can do it easily! In terms of nuance, Jaran Mountain has a refreshing air and peaceful ambiance. Somehow, it becomes a perfect place for relaxation too!

Exploring Jaran Mountain
People may have a different reason for visiting Jaran Mountain. Still, almost all of them want to enjoy trekking or hiking once arriving at the site. They want to reach the peak and witness wonderful panoramas from up there, after all. This outdoor activity is suitable for everyone, in fact, due to the easy trekking route. Moreover, it takes no time to get to the top of the mountain so people don’t need to spend much stamina and time. The best thing is they can several gazebos during trekking!

The next thing that tourists can enjoy while exploring Jaran Mountain is definitely the nuance. Surrounded by fresh air and soothing tea plantation, the site offers a perfect ambiance for relaxation. In some cases, it even helps visitors to overcome their stress issue at once! It doesn’t have to be trekking, as tourists can simply sit by the tea garden and enjoy the fresh air with their families. It is true eating together is allowed on the site, but everyone should avoid littering at all cost.

The best time to come to Jaran Mountain is early in the morning when local farmers work on the tea plantation. That moment provides a good opportunity for tourists to take good photos, after all. Not to mention the air feels the freshest at the time. Even everyone won’t feel a while trekking if they do it early in the morning. On the other hand, it feels a little bit more exhausting if they do it at noon.

Nearby Attractions

  • Nglinggo Village
  • Nglinggo Tea Garden
  • Tritis Tea Plantation
  • Widosari Peak

How to Get There
If tourists come from Adisucipto International Airport, they need to spend about 1 hour and 17 minutes to get to Jaran Mountain. After all, the distance is 46.3 km. Once arriving at Samigaluh Sub-District, they can directly head to West Nglinggo Village and start trekking to the Jaran Peak. As for the tip, everyone should take Kebon Agung Street for a faster trip though.

Where to Stay

  • Rimbono Homestay

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