Nyi Ageng Serang Monument in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta

Being the capital of Kulon Progo Regency, Wates City definitely becomes the center of tourist attraction. Located in Gadingan Village, tourists may find an interesting landmark called Nyi Ageng Serang Monument in fact. It is even said the monument has become the pride and symbol of the region. No wonder, it keeps luring many visitors regardless of where they come from. Have no worries. The monument resides in Karangnongko Intersection, so it is quite noticeable. In terms of name, it represents the national hero who participated in Diponegoro War during the colonial era (invasion of the Dutch). The local government decided to build the monument to commemorate the hero’s role, so everyone may always remember and appreciate it.

The Nuance
The good thing is Nyi Ageng Serang Monument is located in the midst of an intersection, so it is easy to find. The monument features a statue of the hero riding a horse and carrying a spear. This person is none other than Nyi Ageng Serang. In the past, the statue has the black color but the local government decided to paint it white. The statue resides in a big pillar having the height of about 8 meters! In terms of age, it has been there for more than 20 years! Despite the old age, it remains in a good condition though.

Exploring Nyi Ageng Serang Monument
The most common reason for visiting Nyi Ageng Serang Monument is to conduct photography. That means people may simply take photos of the monument and take selfies in front of it. It is true everyone is allowed to do so, as long as they do not cause hassles on the street. In this case, it is recommended to come only during the low traffic (early in the morning). At the time, it is also easier to cross the street due to the low number of vehicles passing by.

The next reason for visiting Nyi Ageng Serang Monument is indeed to learn the history. As mentioned before, the local government decided to build the monument in order to commemorate the role of Nyi Ageng Serang during the Diponegoro War. In fact, this person has been included in the list of national heroes! This way, the locals would not forget such honorable service.

After visiting the monument, it is also recommended to visit Nyi Ageng Serang’s tomb located in Kalibawang Sub-District. Tourists can either perform pilgrimage or exploration there. Also, it is recommended to come with a local guide who can give thorough information regarding the site and history. Have no worries. The fee is negotiable, for sure.

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How to Get There
For those coming from Adisucipto International Airport, they need to spend about 1 hour to get to Nyi Ageng Serang Monument. After all, the distance is 43.7 km. Have no worries. It becomes faster if they take Magelang – Purworejo Street. Once arriving at Wates City, they can directly reach Karangnongko Intersection at Gadingan Village where the monument is located. One thing, everyone should be careful when crossing the street (especially during the high traffic).

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  • Kusuma Hotel

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