Exploring A Waterfall That Was Once Used by A Hollywood Film

Every waterfall always keeps a story. Including the Sri Gethuk waterfall in Bleberan Village, Playen District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. Many people call Sri Gethuk a beautiful waterfall. The water comes from a limestone embankment river that cuts rock cliffs to form a waterfall. The Sri Gethuk waterfall flows into the Oyo river.

Often the rocks under waterfalls are also used for meditation. Usually meditating in the morning before many visitors come. The beauty of Sri Gethuk waterfall is already famous. Even the Sri Gethuk waterfall was once used as a location or place to shoot a hollywood film. This Skyline film also stars Hollywood actor Frank Grillo. There is a song scene when shooting. People can only watch from a distance because they can’t get close.

Visit this area is very pleasant. It feels peaceful at heart, you can see the surrounding scenery, like towering trees. Presents a natural charm and so impressive. In addition, the waterfalls here have different levels of rock. So, the water will fall following the path of the existing rock.

Getting to this area is very easy, tourists can start from Yogyakarta City towards Piyungan. Then, go up towards Pathuk. Continue up to the Gading junction. Then, turn right towards the Playen. So, arriving at Playen, continue the journey to Palihan sub-district.


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