Sedhuwagang Waterfall in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta

Another Indonesian waterfall is found in Kulon Progo Regency and the name is Sedhuwagang. The exact location is in Teganing Satu Village and it belongs to Kokap Sub-District. Unlike others, this one has a good management done by a local organization. This explains why the environment looks quite clean and well-managed. Tourists can even find some facilities on the site! Still, the prime allure is the beauty of the waterfall itself. People usually come here to enjoy photography and relaxation. Some of them also want to feel the peaceful atmosphere and eradicate stresses in the midst of nature.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Sedhuwagang Waterfall offers a peaceful ambiance due to the secluded location. Despite the fact, it is well-maintained and comes in a pristine nuance. The locals even built some benches and a wooden bridge there. As for the appearance, Sedhuwagang looks like Kembang Soka and Kedung Pedut Waterfall. No wonder, such beauty is worth a photo shoot! As for the facility, the site has a small parking area and toilets for tourists to use during the visit. Unfortunately, no food vendors are available so everyone should consider carrying snacks and bottled water when visiting the waterfall.

Exploring Sedhuwagang Waterfall
The first reason why many people come to Sedhuwagang Waterfall is that they can learn an interesting story regarding the site. It is said two men named Ki Ageng Selo and Ki Ageng Mangir Wonoboyo competed to win an important position in the Mataram Kingdom. Instead of fighting physically, they decided to bet on a cockfighting and it was held near to the waterfall. Unfortunately, the result was a draw. While coming back to the kingdom, they found a stunning waterfall with its serene nuance. They named it Sedhuwagang.

The next reason why Sedhuwagang Waterfall becomes popular is definitely due to the serenity. This explains why many tourists have the same motive, which is to find peace or eradicate stresses on the site. Plus, friendly villagers welcome them when arriving at the checkpoint (before reaching the waterfall). The fact is those people manage the site well and have provided ample facilities for tourists to use during the visit.

As for the tip, everyone should consider carrying some snacks and bottled water when visiting Sedhuwagang Waterfall. It is because they won’t find any food vendors on the site. What they can find are the beautiful waterfall and its crystal clear natural pond. The water even feels more refreshing in the morning, which rejuvenates both body and mind! Thus, it is recommended to come in the morning (especially for those who want to take a bath and swim in the natural pond).

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
A trip to Sedhuwagang Waterfall takes approximately 1 hour and 21 minutes for those coming from Adisucipto International Airport at Yogyakarta City. It is because the distance is 44.6 km, but it becomes faster if tourists take Godean Street. Their first destination is Kokap Sub-District. Later, they can simply reach Teganing Satu Village where the waterfall resides.

Where to Stay

  • Miri Sewu Homestay
  • King’s Hotel
  • Wisma Kusuma Hotel

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