Bale Agung Museum in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta

It is, without a doubt, Wates City becomes the best checkpoint when exploring Kulon Progo Regency. Not only it is the capital of the region, but Wates also holds several interesting vacation spots to visit. Here is the example. The name is Bale Agung Museum and it resides in Terbah Village. In terms of function, the museum stores various primordial objects for tourists and some history. It opens daily at working hours, so tourists have the freedom on when they may visit it. The best thing is the museum doesn’t charge any fee! That means visitors can enter it freely!

The Nuance
Once arriving at Bale Agung Museum, tourists may see a clean environment and well-maintained buildings. Even the parking area is spacious! For the information, the museum has undergone several renovations so it remains in a good condition as the time goes by. The previous renovation was done in the 1970s, actually. There is no ticket booth, so visitors can directly meet the keeper and ask for permission in entering the building. As long as tourists don’t spoil the environment and don’t disturb other visitors, they can explore the museum freely.

Exploring Bale Agung Museum
People have many reasons to come to Bale Agung Museum. Perhaps the most common motive is the free entrance. No wonder, everyone is able to spend a meaningful vacation without spending money. The next common reason is to learn the history of the building. In the past, it was once used as a meeting room! As the time went by, along with the numerous renovations, the local government uses the building to store various historical objects from Mataram Hindu era.

So, what is inside? Once getting into the museum, tourists may see many unique and historical objects including numerous stones, carvings, Ganesha statue, Kentongan, and many more. The good thing is tourists are allowed to take photos of them during the visit. However, it is prohibited to touch those items. Aside from those big objects, tourists may also find smaller items especially the ancient currencies. Once again, no one is allowed to touch those money.

The next reason to come to Bale Agung Museum is to appreciate its architecture. At a glance, the building applies the Indis’ design and features an inscription located in front of the building. The inscription tells the information regarding the history of the museum, as well. No wonder, most visitors are likely to take photos in front of the inscription! For the information, there is no fee in carrying a camera or smartphone both outside and inside the museum. What a great place to satisfy photography hobby!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The distance between Adisucipto International Airport and Bale Agung Museum is 39 km, so the trip may take about 58 minutes. The prime destination is Terbah Village where the museum resides, actually. If they want to get there faster, the best route to take is Yogyakarta – Wates Street. It is also recommended to use the right transportation service for a more comfortable trip.

Where to Stay

  • Kusuma Hotel
  • King’s Hotel

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