Wanatirta Mangrove Forest in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta

Located in south part of Kulon Progo Regency, an interesting tourist spot resides which is called Wanatirta Mangrove Forest. The exact location is in Pasir Mendit Village and it belongs to Temon Sub-District. The presence of this forest completes the charm of the region especially related to natural tourism, without a doubt. Moreover, the location is near to Bogowonto Creek! Thus, it is easy to find it regardless of where tourists come from. Moreover, due to the locals’ hard work, the site becomes more attractive and suitable for numerous types of fun activities including exploration, photography, riding a boat, planting mangroves, and much more.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Wanatirta Mangrove Forest is considered small as compared to other mangrove forests. Despite the fact, it comes with many facilities and resides in a strategic location (which is by Bogowonto River. No wonder, the panorama looks wonderful due to the combination of serene river and lush mangroves. Plus, the atmosphere feels so refreshing, especially in the morning. The best thing is the management has provided several facilities including swings and the wooden bridge called “Siapi-api”. What about the plants? As the name suggests, the site is dominated by mangroves that come in various sizes. They are not quite dense, though.

Exploring Wanatirta Mangrove Forest
The most common tourist activity to do in Wanatirta Mangrove Forest is none other than photography. It can be either taking photos of nature or taking selfies in front of those objects. The fact is the site provides several good spots to take photos including the bamboo bridge, swings, gazebos, and much more. Here is the tip. Visitors should wear clothes with a color that is a contrast to the mangroves. Otherwise, they won’t be able to get beautiful selfies due to the bad color (which is the same to the green mangroves).

The next popular activity that tourists often do in Wanatirta Mangrove Forest is to ride a boat and explore the Bogowonto Creek. In this case, tourists need to pay the boat ride fee first before enjoying the activity. During the boat ride, everyone is able to witness various panoramas including the forest itself, local farms, shrimp embankments, and much more. It is even possible to take photos while riding the boat!

What is more? Those who visit Wanatirta Mangrove Forest should not miss the opportunity to learn how to cultivate mangroves. Have no worries. The local nature lovers are friendly enough to explain and give detailed information regarding the activity. They live in the nearby village called Pasir Medhit, actually. Thus, it is better to approach them first if tourists want to learn more information about mangroves.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Pasirmedhit Village
  • Maju Lestari Mangrove

How to Get There
From Adisucipto International Airport, it may take around 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to Wanatirta Mangrove Forest. For the information, the distance is 61.6 km. The first destination is Temon Sub-District. Next, tourists only need to get to Pasir Mendit Village and reach the forest directly. As for the best route, everyone should only take Magelang – Purworejo Street. It is considered the fastest, after all.

Where to Stay

  • King’s Hotel
  • Wisma Kusuma Wijaya Hotel

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