Lanang Mountain in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta

A wonderful trip to Yogyakarta involves a visit to Kulon Progo Regency, for sure. Why is that? It gives the opportunity to tourists in Indonesia for visiting beautiful highlands like Lanang Mountain! That means they are able to witness stunning panoramas while enjoying the comfy ambiance of the site. The location is in Jatimulyo Village and it belongs to Girimulyo Sub-District, so it comes with a nice accessibility. The fact is Lanang belongs to the cluster Menoreh Hills and features several routes and viewing posts. No wonder, tourists keep coming as they want to enjoy trekking, photography, and sightseeing.

The Nuance
Lanang Mountain is part of Menoreh Hills, so it shares similar characteristics to nearby highlands. It features tall trees and various plants scattered all over the landscape. As for the trekking route, it is considered moderate featuring both small and wide path. In terms of nuance, the mountain has the best ambiance in the morning when the air is the freshest. As for the scenery, visitors can witness Merbabu and Merapi Mountain once reaching the viewing posts. Plus, both sunrise and sunset look great from up there! Even the horizon line of the south beach can be seen clearly.

Exploring Lanang Mountain
Trekking becomes the prime reason why people come to Lanang Mountain. No wonder, most visitors are nature lovers and adventurers. Despite the fact, some beginners are also interested to do so due to the easy trekking route. Still, some parts of the route have a steep contour, so everyone should be careful when climbing. For the information, the distance between the checkpoint and the first viewing post is approximately 150 meters.

The good thing is Lanang Mountain has three viewing posts located in a different location. That means all tourists are able to enjoy sightseeing without worrying about the crowd, even though if they come during weekends or holidays. Once arriving at the viewing post, the real treat welcomes them, which is the stunning panorama of nature. From there, tourists can see the beautiful landscape of nearby villages and mountains. As for the tip, everyone should come either in the dawn or dusk to enjoy the sun views (sunrise and sunset).

The next allure in Lanang Mountain is none other than the local myth. It is said the mountain was once visited by Nyi Rantam Sari and Kyai Lanang for a hermitage. The fact is there is a sacred cave on where those people conduct hermitage. Moreover, the locals still believe in the holiness of the cave and often come at night in order to look for blessings. Some of them even conduct hermitage as well!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Adisucipto International Airport, a trip to Lanang Mountain may take around 58 minutes as the distance is 35.1 km. The first destination is Girimulyo Sub-District and tourists should reach Jatimulyo Village afterward. After reaching the checkpoint at the village, they can start trekking to reach the top of the mountain or viewing posts. Overall, the trip becomes faster if they take only Godean Street and use the right transportation service.

Where to Stay

  • Miri Sewu Homestay

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