Sungai Mudal Park in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta

An ecotourism never fails to amuse people regardless of the type of attraction is. Well, those who are visiting Kulon Progo are lucky as they can find a good place to visit to enjoy such vacation. The name is Sungai Mudal Park and it resides in Jatimulyo Village. In terms of location, it belongs to Girimulyo Sub-District. Due to the complete facility and excellent environment, it is safe to say that it is the perfect place to enjoy ecotourism in Kulon Progo! Not to mention visitors can enjoy various types of activities including water sports, nature learning, and adventure. What a perfect site to spend holidays!

The Nuance
In a nutshell, Sungai Mudal Park consists of various natural attractions especially the natural pond on where visitors can play water and enjoy swimming. The water is refreshing and it has a beautiful color of Tosca! As the name suggests, the water comes from Mudal River and it is surrounded by lush shady plants and some flowers. The best thing is that the location is near to many stunning waterfalls that tourists can visit later. As for the service, the management provides water tubes for tourists to rent (especially for kids and those who can’t swim).

Exploring Sungai Mudal Park
When it comes to the history, the locals decided to build Sungai Mudal Park in order to take advantage of the natural potential of Menoreh Mountains including the natural pond, waterfalls, flora, scenery, fauna, and much more. The purpose is to accommodate a complete natural site for everyone to enjoy during holidays, weekends, and other occasions. That means visitors can enjoy bathing, photography, exploration, sightseeing, relaxation, and much more on the site.

As for tourist activities, the most common one to do in Sungai Mudal Park is definitely to take a bath in the natural pond. As mentioned before, the water may soothe everyone due to the refreshing sensation and stunning color. The next common thing to do is natural exploration. That means tourists can simply get around and visit several natural attractions especially waterfalls. Here is the tip. For a more challenging experience, tourists should conduct trekking to Watu Wayang where many wild monkeys live!

What is more? Sungai Mudal Park also offers many other fun things to tourists. For example, it comes with a camping ground on where tourists can build a tent and spending a wonderful night either with friends or families. Plus, the site comes with an interesting outbound facility called flying fox. Have no worries. It doesn’t cost much in using the facility. For those who do not want to spend much stamina, they can simply relax at the available gazebos.

Nearby Attractions

  • Mudal Waterfall
  • Kembang Soka Waterfall
  • Kedung Pedut Waterfall

How to Get There
In order to reach Sungai Mudal Park, tourists should head to Jatimulyo Village at Kulon Progo Regency. If they come from Adisucipto International Airport, in this case, they need to spend approximately 1 hour and 8 minutes as the distance is 44.8 km. It can even be faster if they take Godean Street!

Where to Stay

  • Miri Sewu Homestay

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