Bunga Matahari Garden in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta

In terms of popularity, Glagah Indah Beach becomes the number one tourist spot in Kulon Progo Regency. Still, tourists have more choices including the ones that reside near to the beach itself. For instance, there is Bunga Matahari (sunflower) Garden located near to the beach. That means it resides in Glagah Village and belongs to Temon Sub-District, as well. As the name suggests, visitors may see tons of sunflowers growing healthily on the farm. The good thing is everyone is allowed to enter the garden and take some photos! What they need to do is to pay the entrance fee, which is considered quite cheap!

The Nuance
Once arriving at Bunga Matahari Garden, tourists may see those flowers right away. The thing is everyone should come at the right time, which is during the blooming season. Otherwise, they won’t be able to enjoy such beautiful scenery at all. In terms of size, the garden has the total area of 75 meters per square. No wonder, it is able to accommodate lots of visitors. Here is the good news. Visitors can even get to the midst of the garden and take photos freely. What they need to do is to carefully walk on it. No one is allowed to ruin the plants, after all. Also, visitors are not allowed to pick the flowers out.

Exploring Bunga Matahari Garden
Once arriving at Bunga Matahari Garden or Sunflower Garden, tourists should pay the entrance fee first before exploring the site. Have no worries. It is a worthy expense, as tourists are able to witness stunning field of sunflowers featuring the sea scenery on its background. The good thing is the management allows visitors to explore the field and get in the midst of it for photography. Despite the fact, no one is allowed to spoil the environment.

For the information, the garden opens early in the morning at 7 am and it closes at 6 pm. Thus, tourists should come at the right time in order to avoid disappointment. As for the tourist activities, the most popular one is definitely photography. The management even provides a special spot for tourists to take selfies! What they need is only a good camera or smartphone to take beautiful photos.

Here is the thing. All visitors in Indonesia should obey the rules when exploring Bunga Matahari Garden. Littering is definitely prohibited. What is more? No one is allowed to pluck out those flowers! Instead, they can simply buy the seeds sold by the management and plant them later at home. Another important tip is related to the schedule. In this case, make sure to visit only during the blooming season.

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How to Get There
In order to get to Bunga Matahari Garden, tourists should reach Temon Sub-District first. Next, they can simply head to Glagah Village and get to the garden right away. If they come from Adisucipto International Airport, they may spend about 1 hour and 16 minutes to reach the destination. It is because the distance is 54 km. As for the best route to take, it is definitely Daendels Pantai Selatan Street.

Where to Stay

  • Kusuma Hotel
  • King’s Hotel

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