Pagoda Monument in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta

Here is an idea. Why don’t visit Kulon Progo Regency for the next holidays in Indonesia? In this case, the prime destination should be the capital of the region which is Wates City. Not only it offers tourists with better accommodations and facilities, the city has many interesting vacation spots to visit including the Pagoda Monument. The location is in Terbah Village, actually. To be exact, it resides in the Teteg Wetan T-junction. Aside from offering a unique appearance, the monument also has an interesting history for tourists to learn during the visit.

The Nuance
In terms of size, the monument looks small with the height only about 1.5 meters. In the base of the monument, it has the shape of a cube with the width of 1 meter. The unique thing is that tourists may find the old Chinese inscription carved on both sides of the cube. Above it, several thin cubs form a conical shape. When it comes to nuance, the monument resides in the midst of T-junction so it is noisy due to the presence of vehicles passing by. The good thing is the site features some beautiful plants, creating a soothing and comfy atmosphere.

Exploring Pagoda Monument
The most common reason to visit Pagoda Monument at Wates City is indeed to enjoy photography. It is because these people are interested in the unique shape of the monument and historical inscriptions carved on it. The good thing is everyone is allowed to take photos freely. There is no rule or requirement to do so at all! What people should pay attention is only the traffic. As mentioned before, the monument is located at the intersection so it takes a careful effort to cross the street and get near to it.

The next common motive to visit Pagoda Monument is to learn the history behind it. In this case, tourists need to ask the information from either a tour guide or people who live in that area. It is said the monument became the witness of the good relationship between the Chinese living in Kulon Progo Regency and the locals. The fact is the monument was built by the Chinese as a gift to Paku Alam the seventh! Thus, it is safe to say that the monument is the symbol of a harmony of despite the race difference.

At first, Pagoda Monument was white. Soon, the local government decided to repaint it using the combination of yellow and green color. As the time went by, though, they decided to use the original color and included golden one on it. Both the color and design are worth a photo shoot, don’t you think so?

Nearby Attractions

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  • Kulon Progo Square
  • Binangun Park
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How to Get There
If tourists come from Adisucipto International Airport, they can directly head to Terbah Village at Wates City (where the monument resides). This trip may take around 56 minutes, as the distance is 38.7 km. It can even be faster if they take Yogyakarta – Wates Street. It is also recommended to find a good hotel first before heading to the monument. At least, everyone should rest for a while before exploring Wates City.

Where to Stay

  • Wisma Kusuma Hotel
  • King’s Hotel

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