Visiting Kulon Progo Regency in Yogyakarta Special Region Province

For those coming to Yogyakarta Special Region Province, they must not miss any single regency to get the best vacation experience in Indonesia. That means Kulon Progo Regency is not an exception! This one is located in the west part of the region and offers lots of tourist attractions to everyone. For the information, the capital is Wates City and it comes with many accommodations and facilities (just like other big cities). No wonder, tourists would have a good time when spending a vacation in Kulon Progo regardless of the time of visit.

The Nuance
When it comes to nuance, Kulon Progo Regency features lots of landscapes including highlands and lowlands. That means tourists can visit refreshing hills to conduct relaxation and reach beaches in the south part of the region to have a more fulfilling experience. It’s their call! The fact is Kulon Progo is also bordering with majestic Menoreh Hill with its famous Suroloyo Peak. Make sure to conduct trekking to that spot, later, therefore. As for the name, it means “the west part of Progo River”. As the name suggests, the region resides right beside such famous river!

Exploring Kulon Progo Regency
It is true Kulon Progo Regency has many allures aside from the natural tourism. For instance, it is known for its Batik fabric called Sekar Niti. In fact, tourists may find lots of home industries scattered in almost all villages, especially Nanggulan Sub-District. Another fact is that many locals work as a Batik maker, so tourists are able to watch the making process directly. Later, before going home, they can also buy some fabrics as a souvenir. Have no worries. The price is not that expensive as they may expect.

The next thing that makes Kulon Progo is worth to visit is definitely culinary. Like other regions, this one has signature snacks and dishes for tourists to try during the visit. The most famous one perhaps is Geblek, which is the local snack made of various flours. It is fried and comes with a tasty taste. Not to mention the shape is unique, which is similar to the number 8. What about other foods? Well, tourists can also find Growol, Tempe Benguk, Peyek Undur-Undur, and many more!

While exploring Kulon Progo Regency, tourists shouldn’t forget to come to Sentolo Industrial Area. In fact, everyone is allowed to invest their money by buying lands and some industries at the site. It opens for everyone, including foreigners! Last but not the least; tourists should not forget to visit beautiful natural attractions like Glagah Beach, Waduk Sermo, etc.

Nearby Attractions

  • Glagah Indah Beach
  • Waduk Sermo
  • Pedut Waterfall
  • Kalilingseng Cave
  • Sumur Gondangsari Kroco
  • Binangun Park
  • Sendang Clereng Fountain

How to Get There
From Adi Sucipto International Airport at Yogyakarta City, tourists can take a local transportation service and head to Kulon Progo Regency right away. The distance is 36.7 km, so this trip takes approximately 56 minutes. It is also recommended to take the best route, which is Yogyakarta – Wates Street.

Where to Stay

  • Wisma Kusuma Hotel
  • King’s Hotel
  • Rajaklana Resort

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