Seloresi Waterfall in Wonogiri Regency, Central Java Province

Many stunning waterfalls reside in Wonigiri Regency including the one called Seloresi Waterfall. This beautiful waterfall is located in Setren Village and it belongs to Slogohimo Sub-District, actually. Even though the location is a little bit secluded, it doesn’t stop people to keep coming to the site. These people want to explore the location and collect some good photos, after all. Some of them also take advantage of the freshness of the water for bathing! As for others, the site is suitable for trekking and enjoying a natural adventure.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Seloresi Waterfall offers a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Thanks to the secluded location. It is also surrounded by various types of trees that make the site shady and comfortable. As for the height, the waterfall is about 50 meters! It doesn’t have a strong water discharge, though. The good thing is tourists can find a small pond below it where they can enjoy swimming and play water. Located near to the waterfall, a bamboo bench is available for tourists to use. For the information, the temperature is considered quite cold there. Thus, all visitors should wear warm and comfy clothes when heading to the location.

Exploring Seloresi Waterfall
When it comes to accessibility, Seloresi Waterfall features an easy access. The fact is the location is near to Setren Gilimanik Waterfall. What tourists need to do is to reach Setren Village and park their bike at the local house. The next thing to do is trekking and it takes about an hour or less depending on tourists’ stamina. The distance is 1 km, after all. Have no worries. Everyone won’t feel tired due to the presence of stunning panoramas that they can see on the way to the waterfall. Plus, they may see local farms while heading to the site.

For the information, Seloresi Waterfall is located in a secluded area. This explains why the atmosphere is quite peaceful and relaxing there. Somehow, the location is suitable to eradicate stresses and find peace after works. Aside from relaxation, people come to the site in order to take some photos including the waterfall itself and other objects like big trees and local birds.

The locals also take advantage of the site to enjoy an extreme sport like motocross, in fact! It is because the waterfall features a challenging route, which is suitable for both trekking and crossing. Tourists can even join the activity as long as they have rented the bike first. Thus, everyone should carry enough money when visiting Seloresi Waterfall later.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The first destination is Wonogiri Regency. If tourists come from Semarang City, they need to spend about 3 hours and 22 minutes to get there. It is because the distance is 169 km. Once they arrive at Wonogiri Regency, they can directly head to Setren Village at Slogohimo Sub-District. This trip may take around 59 minutes, as the distance is 33.6 km. Have no worries. It gets faster if they take Wonogiri – Purwantoro Street. Next, it takes some trekking to reach the waterfall.

Where to Stay

  • Merista Raya Hotel
  • Bintang Hotel
  • Bintang Tawangmangu Hotel

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