Kahyangan Waterfall in Wonogiri Regency, Central Java Province

In Tirtomoyo Sub-District of Wonogiri Regency, tourists may find a stunning waterfall called Kahyangan. The exact location is in Dlepih Village, actually. The good thing is the local government puts a good attention to the site, so visitors can enjoy a well-maintained vacation spot comfortably. Aside from the beauty, the waterfall is considered sacred. This explains why many people come at specific times especially in Tuesday and Friday Kliwon Night. They want to conduct a ritual and pilgrimage in that site! Also, according to the locals, Kahyangan Waterfall has a close relation to the Yogyakarta Palace!

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Kahyangan Waterfall offers a pristine environment with several water discharges. In terms of strength, the flows are considered moderate but they become stronger during the rainy season. The next noticeable thing is that the site is surrounded by big rocks and stones. Not to mention several trees and bushes reside there. Also, people may find a pond under the waterfall where they can swim in. The good thing is the locals have provided a special place for bathing, which is called Pesiraman. Usually, visitors use that spot to perform the ritual!

Exploring Kahyangan Waterfall
In terms of name, “Kahyangan” means a heaven. Well, perhaps the locals gave the name based on the serenity and beauty of the site. It is true that Kahyangan Waterfall has a stunning landscape with many natural features. No wonder, almost all visitors may take out their camera and collect some photos during the visit! They can also climb the waterfall and get better views from above! The thing is everyone should be careful when exploring the site due to the slippery surfaces and mold.

The next reason to visit Kahyangan Waterfall is due to the presence of local ritual done by nearby villagers. In order to witness the event, tourists should come at the right time though. It is usually on the first day of Syuro Month. Not to mention the ritual is done at night, so tourists must come at the right time. Despite the fact, the waterfall opens daily and has many visitors regardless of the time. The purpose of the visit is different, though. Common tourists come to the site to spend a family recreation, while local people come to the site conduct a ritual and hermitage!

Kahyangan Waterfall represents the heaven not without any reason. It is because the waterfall is surrounded by hills and features a stunning river called Wiroko. Plus, it has an interesting history that tourists can learn during the visit. It is said the waterfall was once visited by Panembahan Senopati during his hermitage. He was an important person in Mataram Kingdom, actually.

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How to Get There
The distance between Semarang City (the capital of Central Java Province) and Wonogiri Regency is 169 km. That means the trip may take around 3 hours and 25 minutes. It can be faster, though, if tourists take Semarang – Solo Highway. After reaching Wonogiri, their next destination is Dlepih Village at Tirtomoyo Sub-District. This trip may take around 1 hour and 3 minutes, as the distance is 23.6 km. For the faster trip, they must take Nguntoronadi – Tirtomoyo Street though.

Where to Stay

  • Arjuna Randualas Hotel

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