Ngantap Cave in Wonogiri Regency, Central Java Province

Not many tourists know that Wonogiri Regency owns several famous caves, including the one called Ngantap. This one resides in Bayemharjo Village and it belongs to Giritontro Sub-District. The locals often take advantage of the location to spend a family recreation in weekends, actually. It is because they consider it cheap and easy. The cave is, somehow, suitable for an adventure or those who want to spend in nature. For the information, the locals have found the cave decades ago but they consider it a new vacation spot in Wonogiri Regency. No wonder, not many outsiders know about it.

The Nuance
Once entering the cave, tourists may see both stalagmites and stalactites right away. In terms of size, the cave is definitely vast. The fact is some water flows on some parts of the stones inside the cave. According to the locals, they also take advantage of the water as their primary clean water supply. The only disappointment is the absence of street signs and guides to get to the cave. This explains why tourists should ask villagers often regarding the direction and exact location of the cave. As an alternative, they can hire a local guide who knows the site well.

Exploring Ngantap Cave
In terms of age, Ngantap Cave is considered old. The size is also big enough to conduct caving, so everyone should take the opportunity later. What they need to consider is only the preparation. For instance, it is important to carry a flashlight to the location. The cave is dark, after all. Another tip is that tourists must not forget to carry a camera. Everyone won’t miss the chance to collect good photos during the exploration, after all.

Perhaps the main allure in Ngantap Cave is the various sizes of stalagmites and stalactites inside it. This explains why most visitors would carry a camera and use it to capture all those beautiful objects. What about the history? Unlike Putri Kencono Cave, this one doesn’t have a clear history related to it. Even villagers don’t have any information about it! Thus, tourists would be disappointed if they come to the location to learn the history or urban legend. Instead, they can take advantage of the beautiful landscapes for photography and sightseeing.

Another issue is related to the accessibility. It is because tourists won’t find any street signs or guides that lead to the cave. Therefore, it would be helpful if tourists are able to speak the local language in order to ask for directions easily from villagers. Despite the difficulty, everything is paid off once they arrive at the cave!

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How to Get There
From Semarang City, a trip to Ngantap Cave may take around 3 hours and 47 minutes. The distance is 176 km, but the trip becomes faster if tourists take Semarang – Surakarta Street. Once they arrive at Wonogiri, their next destination is Bayemharjo Village at Giritontro Sub-District. This trip may take around 1 hour and 27 minutes, as the distance is 47.6 km. It is important to talk to villagers first before heading to the cave, though.

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  • Arjuno Randualas Hotel
  • Aji Mantoro Hotel

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