Parnaraya Palace in Wonogiri Regency, Central Java Province

Located in Sidoharjo Sub-District of Wonogiri Regency, a famous palace resides and the name is Parnaraya. The exact location is in Kebonagung Village and it got the name based on the owner of it. This majestic building is also called Istana Parnaraya and it was built based on the idea of a local businessman namely Suparno. According to the owner, the main function of the prime building is to be a meeting place for elders and welcome visitors including tourists when coming to Indonesia. In the back, there is also a building for watching the successful video of Mr. Parno. Not to mention it stores several products and traditional arts of Wonogiri Regency.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Parnaraya Palace looks clean and well-maintained. It is because the owner has hired some keepers to maintain the building. In terms of design, it looks like the Dutch building and it comes with a thorough white paint. A parking area resides in front of the building and tourists may find a small park and the national flag in that location too. The prime building consists of 4 private bedrooms, which will be used by Mr. Parno when he drops by in Wonogiri.

Exploring Parnaraya Palace
Some people may wonder what they can do in Parnaraya Palace. Well, it can be as simple as appreciating the design. That means visitors may explore the site and watch the unique colonial concept of the structure. No wonder, the palace looks outstanding as compared to nearby houses or buildings. The awesomeness starts in the yard of the palace. It is both vast and comfy. Thanks to the presence of small parks. Tourists may even find 5 pillars and giant windows in the front part of the palace.

According to the keepers, the total width of Parnaraya Palace is about 2500 meters per square. Perhaps it is the fanciest building in Kebonagung Village and Sidoharjo Sub-district. At a glance, the appearance is similar to that of Istana Merdeka, but it comes with a smaller size. What about the inside? The majestic nuance welcomes everyone once he enters the building. The first thing that visitors may notice is definitely the oval table with several chairs around it. Not to mention many paintings of famous people become the prime ornaments there.

Visitors would meet some elders once they get in Parnaraya Palace. No wonder, the owner makes it a place for those old people. It is because he was thankful to his grandmother who patiently nurtured him in the past. As a form of thank you, he decided to build a place to take care of the old people in his hometown. These days, the palace even attracts tourists who come either from nearby regions or outsiders.

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How to Get There
For those coming from Semarang City, they may spend about 3 hours and 53 minutes. It is because the distance is 169 km, but this trip becomes faster if tourists take Semarang – Solo Highway. After arriving at Wonogiri, their next destination is Kebonagung Village at Sidoharjo Sub-District. The distance is only 2.5 km, so the trip takes about 6 minutes.

Where to Stay

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