Ekodayawilaga Monument in Wonogiri Regency, Central Java Province

Wonogiri Regency is an interesting vacation destination in Indonesia, especially those who love nature and history. For those who are looking for a casual vacation, though, they can simply visit Ekodayawilaga Monument at Giripurwo Village. The exact location is in Pemuda Street and it is considered a good place for relaxation. To be exact, the monument is the part of the park and it is suitable for photography as well. According to the locals, the government built the monument to beautify the park and to appreciate the heroes’ merit in the past (especially related to Bung Karno or the first president of Indonesia).

The Nuance
The good thing is Ekodayawilaga Monument is located in the downtown and on the roadside. That means everyone is able to find the site easily. When it comes to the nuance, the monument resides in the midst of a beautiful park. Not to mention it features various plants and trees as well. The next important feature is none other than Bung Karno Statue. It replaces the Parasamya Purna Karya Nugraha Monument, actually. The statue has the height of 5 meters and it is made of the mixture of copper and bronze.

Exploring Ekodayawilaga Monument
Well, some people may ask what they can do once arriving at Ekodayawilaga Monument. For the information, the site also features a serene park for relaxation. Thus, visitors can take their time and enjoy the nuance during the visit. In this case, they should come at the right times especially in the morning and afternoon. The cool atmosphere in the morning may soothe their mind and eradicate stresses right away, after all. In the afternoon, as an alternative, they can meet many other visitors who live nearby.

The next thing that tourists can do in Ekodayawilaga Monument is to learn a little bit of the history. It is said the park is the part of the local government’s program regarding the plan to manage and provide beautiful parks to the region. No wonder, the renovation of Giri Krida Bakti Square is also included in this plan. For the information, Ekodayawilaga Monument is located in the north part of the square, so tourists can explore both sites without spending too much time! As for the name, it derives from several words Ekonomi (economy), Budaya (culture), Wisata (tourism), and Olah Raga (sports)!

What is next? Photography becomes the next reason why people visit Ekodayawilaga Monument. Not only they can take selfies in front of the monument, but they can also take photos of other objects especially Bung Karno Statue. One thing, all visitors are not allowed to litter!

Nearby Attractions

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  • Plinteng Semar Park
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How to Get There
In order to get to Ekodayawilaga Monument, tourists should head to Wonogiri Regency first. The trip may take around 3 hours and 40 minutes if tourists come from Semarang City. Well, the distance is 176 km after all. It can be done faster if they take Semarang – Surakarta Street, though. Later, once arriving at Wonogiri Regency, they can simply head to Pemuda Street at Giripurwo Village. The distance is 20 km, so this trip takes approximately 40 minutes. As for the best route, it is recommended to take Wonogiri – Ngadirojo Street.

Where to Stay

  • Tifa Hotel
  • Diafan Hotel
  • Cendrawasih Hotel
  • Dewi Anita Hotel

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